Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is one of the pillars of a modern and prosperous society. “Arexim Engineering” EAD clearly and categorically demonstrates an active attitude towards its employees and their families, the environment and society.
We aim to help build a stable socially responsible business environment in Bulgaria. We believe that every business can find its cause and contribute in a different sphere of public life. We strive to create a lasting connection between the needs and resources of society and business, providing benefits for both parties.

Since 2011, “AREXIM ENGINEERING” EAD has been a member and annually declares its support for the principles of the UN Global Compact, and now it is also part of the BULGARIAN NETWORK of the UN Global Compact. What does this mean? The Bulgarian network of the UN Global Compact is among the most active organizations in the field of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development, confirming that local networks are the driving force of the initiative at the national and regional level, offering an exceptional opportunity to connect with other businesses, NGOs , academic institutions.
Together we can do more, it has been proven over time!

The company, as part of the largest global initiative for sustainable policies in business, annually declares its support for the ten principles of the United Nations, making a commitment to follow and apply them in its activities, divided into four main categories: human rights; social standards; Environment; fight against corruption.
As a socially responsible company – we are aware of the need for common actions, through unifying principles and values, regarding causes and initiatives important to society, improving sustainable growth in Bulgaria and having a positive role for society.
Having partners all over the world, we are honored to be a part from a network that shows with its work that business, through its participation in collective social projects, is a force for good.

About us:

The company is a leader in the production of technical plastic products and instrumental equipment for them. The products produced by “Arexim Engineering” EAD are in accordance with the high quality standards established worldwide. The company employs over 700 employees – operators, engineers and expert a composition with rich knowledge and abilities in their field, with different experience, interests and origins, but united by a common goal – constant improvement and development.
A prerequisite for the sustainable development of “Arexim Engineering” EAD are the rich experience gained over the past years, the modern base and equipment and above all the qualified and well-prepared staff. The ambitious goal of the company is to turn the city of Smolyan into an increasingly attractive place to live and work, attracting more young people to the city, giving them the opportunity for professional realization and development.