A prerequisite for the sustainable development of Arexim Engineering EAD is the accumulated rich experience in the past years, the modern facilities and equipment and especially the highly qualified and well trained staff.

The company employs over 830 people – operators, engineers and expert staff with rich knowledge and skills in their fields, with diverse experience, interests and background, but united by a common goal – constant improvement and development.

There are favourable working conditions, good working environment and solidarity.

Equal opportunities for recruitment and development are key motivating factors for employee participation in trainings for qualification upgrading.

Arexim Engineering EAD offers internship programs that give young people the opportunity to touch upon modern practices, checking their motivation and interests. In this rapidly developing environment among many motivated people aspiring to success, the trainees gain professional confidence and practical skills.

The continuous trainings as set in the company programme for all employees in all units develop the potential and make a person more thinking, able to resolve problems, make decisions and be independent.

The ambitious goal of the company is to turn Smolyan into an increasingly attractive place to live and work, drawing more young people in the city, giving them the opportunity for professional development and career growth.